How does the three metal astrological bangle work?

In Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda quotes his guru Sri Yukteswar:“Electrical and magnetic radiations are ceaselessly circulating in the universe; they affect man’s body for good and ill.”“Ages ago, our rishis pondered the problem of combating the adverse effects of subtle cosmic influences. The sages discovered that pure metals emit an astral light which is powerfully counteractive to negative pulls of the planets.”

“Through prayer, will power, yoga meditation, consultation with saints and use of astrological bangles, the adverse effects of past wrongs can be nullified or minimized.”

“Just as a house may be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so can the bodily temple be protected in certain ways.”

Swami Kriyananda has described the function of the bangle to be like a lens: sometimes filtering completely out, sometimes transmuting and sometimes only partially filtering. He also said, “The bangle is an important part of the spiritual path.”

Many people have found there to be a great difference in their personal energy when they wear the bangle versus when they didn’t. One person said that the bangle afforded him such protection that he needed to do the Energization Exercises three times a day to make up for not wearing the bangle (he had loaned it out to a friend). Another person had been going through a long test and only at the end had been able to afford a bangle. She was amazed to find a great increase in her personal energy, despite the crushing power of the test. Another woman noticed that her intuition increased when wearing the bangle. It is cases like these that lead me to believe that the bangle acts like an umbrella.

How do I properly fit the bangle to my arm or wrist?

All new bangles are the same length. Your own personal size and the location where you choose to wear the bangle will determine how much you might need to bend the bangle to fit you properly.

When the bangle is new it is a bit softer and easier to bend. Again the same after it is annealed.

You can use a fish net hook or a piece of thread to tie it to the ends of the loops so that you do not have to bend or keep fitting the bangle to your arm. We do not recommend opening or closing it during fitting because, you are “work-hardening” the metal or making it more brittle and more likely to break (think about bending a wire coat hanger back and forth a few times – eventually the wire will break). It is safe to open and close it occasionally, but try to avoid making this a frequent habit if you want your bangle to last a long time.

Where do I wear the bangle?

Swami Kriyananda recommended wearing it nearest to the heart. The upper arm (just above the elbow) is best. If this is uncomfortable for you then you can wear it on either of your wrists or your upper arm or even as a necklace with threads tied around both ends of the loop to complete it.

The bangle must be worn in contact with the skin, to complete the electromagnetic circuit with the aura. It should be worn at all times, swimming, bathing, exercising, etc. If it’s not worn, it can’t protect you!

Is there a difference between a rebuilt bangle and new one?

Both new and rebuilt bangles offer the same protection. They will each have the correct amounts of copper, silver, and gold. The appearance of a rebuilt bangle is different, however, from a new one. Since the gold strand will then have been twisted, untwisted, straightened and re-twisted, it will have an “antiqued” or “crinkly” finish. Buffing this all away, of course, will mean loss of gold (therefore weight) so we leave the crinkly look alone. Some people like the antiqued look of the gold strand and so don’t mind the appearance of a rebuilt bangle.

I have old gold jewelry (or gold coins or silver) that I don’t want. Can you use it for making my bangle?

No we may not be able to use your old gold jewelry in your bangle especially here in India. First we must determine the purity of your metal and how much of it you have. Because the bangle formula uses pure 24k gold, any gold jewelry supplied will firstly not be of that purity and will have to be sent out to be melted down and refined. Refining removes any alloys that may have been mixed with the gold. So what would remain would be far lesser than the weight of gold you would have provided as also there would be refining costs.

And in the event that some of you would look at us to sell your jewellery and raise the amount for you, here in India that would be a bit controversial as different jewellers and traders would mention rates higher and lower. Therefore we strictly avoid such scenarios and request the seeker to look at such options themselves

How long does the bangle normally take to be made from the time of order? Why does it take a lot more time to make the bangle in India than in the US?

The process starts from the time we receive the full amount for the astrological bangle, an order for the raw materials i.e; Gold, Silver & Copper is placed at the refinery. In India the minimum turnaround time to receive these metals is a minimum of 14 working days to a maximum of 3 weeks due to the use of such refineries by all major bullion traders and the lack of other reliable traders/refiners in the Indian Gold Industry. Then due processes are followed in converting these materials received, to the style and structure as instructed by Sri Yuketswarji & worn by master (Sri Paramhansa Yogananda) and passed down to me in Deeksha. This process may take upto a week and the bangle is then given its final shape and polish to the image that it is commonly seen or known today.In the US I presume it is easier to access such refiners and the turn around time is also much faster and hence the bangle can be made faster.

Do you export the bangle to any country in the world?

Yes we do but kindly call us up to confirm the same. Due to the changing equations of safety there a periodical updates to which country we may export and where we may not. Sometimes despite the okay, most of the airlines refuse to ply to a particular country or a region. In case it is all ok to do it, please note the cost of the insurance and shipment would have to be borne by you. While insurance will be very nominal upto 20$(USD) maximum the Shipment charges can be about 150-200$(USD)

Do we buy back the astrological bangle?

No we do not. We make these bangles on a made to order basis and have no provisions or resources to keep them in stock whatsoever at the moment.

What metals are used in the bangle?

Sri Yukteshwarjis astrological bangle is comprised of three metals: copper, silver and gold. Each metal used, has a very precise weight and purity. The formula uses only pure silver, copper, and over a Troy ounce of 99.99%, 24kt, fine gold.

Copper— Copper is the most “earthy” of the three metals, and astrologically represents the body. Physically, it is the toughest and can withstand some abrasion and bending. It is very chemically reactive and for this reason is not easily found freely in nature. Copper may react with the wearer’s skin chemistry to produce green skin. The copper strand itself can actually wear away in 6 months’ time. The copper may turn color in the presence of some chemicals, soaps, foods, etc. It will return to its original color when cleaned and polished.

Silver— Silver is more noble than copper and it astrologically represents the mind. Its purifying influence kills bacteria in both air and water, and its influence has a cooling effect on the body. Physically, silver is not as ductile or malleable as gold or copper—it will harden, crack and break if bent or worked too much. While not as chemically reactive as copper, silver will turn black in the presence of sulphur, i.e. eggs, hot springs, and some shampoos. Rarely found freely in nature, its reactivity causes it to combine with some other elements. You may notice over time that your silver begins to look somewhat tarnished. The silver will also return to it’s original color when cleaned and polished.

Gold— Gold is the most noble of all metals, and astrologically represents the soul. It enhances spirit and has a healing effect on the body. Very ductile and malleable, gold may be worked or bent a great deal before it cracks or breaks. Being very soft, however, gold is easily abraded or worn down. Almost unreactive, it is found freely in nature and does not tarnish.

What is the best way to clean my bangle?

Darkness and discoloration of the strands is due to wearer’s skin chemistry and environment. The bangle is best cleaned in a jeweler’s pickling bath, as it is non-abrasive and won’t affect the delicate weight balance of the bangle that is necessary for its function. We recommend that you clean your bangle every few months, and have it annealed at least once a year, if not twice.

Trying to clean or anneal your bangle at home without the proper advice or the requiste precautions would disturb the delicate weight balance required of the bangle and/or disturb the metal joints making it difficult when the time comes to repair or call it a proper astrological bangle.

Difference between a bangle repair and a bangle rebuild?

Repairs consist of removing and replacing one or both of the silver or copper strands or welding a broken gold strand. If the gold strand is in good condition but either of the other strands is damaged or thin, a repair can be an affordable way to fix your bangle and may be all that is needed. Replacing the broken or thin strands is the only reliable method of repairing the bangle, and soldering or brazing will always crack again in a month or so.When rebuilding the bangle we dismantle it, discard the silver and copper strands and rework the gold strand, adding more gold as needed to match the original formula and make the strand look good again. The rebuilt bangle is annealed, polished, looks almost exactly like new (read below about the slight difference in appearance between a rebuilt and new bangle), and all three metals of the bangle are sure to be at their specified weights as determined by Sri Yukteswar. The cost of rebuilding varies depending on the amount of gold that is needed to bring it to the correct weight.

If you wish to have your old copper and silver wires returned to you, you must tell us in advance and this will be an additional charge.

Pricing for repairs and rebuilds depends on the metal needing work on and quotes are provided after appraising the extent of repairs needed.

Why is the bangle so expensive?

We do our best to keep our bangle prices as low as possible given the current price of gold. Keep in mind that the bangle uses nearly 1.5 Troy ounces of pure, 24k gold, plus the pure silver and copper. The metals must be shaped into specific sized strands, and shaped correctly to maintain accuracy to Sri Yukteswar’s formula. The price of the bangle is affected by current world market gold prices. The labor cost is the smallest cost in building the bangles.

Do you accept 99.99% pure gold biscuits/coins/bullions if we have them?

No. We usually prefer to use our own guaranteed, certified 9999 by government approved, authorised and suppliers to governmental centres themselves. The reason being there are quite a few rumors and sometimes cases abound in the local markets of these bullions being fake stamped and sold in the markets to get more from the same amount of gold weight. Though yours maybe true gold, again the whole process of verifying the same after melting and of course the process costing etc makes it time consuming and again more money intensive.

Is this Astrological Bangle made in India any different from the one made by Mr. Kent White in the U.S.A.?

It is very much the same. Both of us have received Deeksha to make the same and the same formulae has been handed down to us of Sri Yukteswar Giri Ji. As a matter of fact, I am happy and deeply indebted to my beloved teachers, Mr Kent White (my senior and superior by decades) & Brahmachari Jemal ji (my physical instructor for fine tuning the process and figuring out technicalities) & Nayaswami Jaya ji for co-ordinating between me & Mr. Kent White and transferring the knowledge and know how required to make the bangle.

The bangle made by me has been tested and verified, certified easily over 50 times in 2 years by respected acharyas before being approved to be made for seekers world over as a genuine Astrological Bangle.

Do we get a bill of purchase? What about the guarantee of purity of the metals?

Yes you do receive a proper bill of purchase with your bangle. Do note though such a bill would only contain the description that this is an astrological bangle and the total price for it. You would still be required to pay the new GST (3% to 5%). This will be automatically be applied to the bill as and when it happens.

Whenever anyone wishes to receive the certificate conforming the purity of the metals, you will receive a copy of the certificate/statement from the refinery guaranteeing the purity of the said metals.

What about the mode of Payment?

We require the full amount to be paid upfront in advance via Cheque / Wire Transfer / Demand Drafts.

I am developing health issues after wearing the bangle. I have developed rashes / sores around the area I wear my bangle? Is the bangle unsuitable for me? What should I do?

Paramhansa Yogananda ji said his Sri Yukteshwar ji said many times satan creates in the mind of the bangle wearer the impulse to take the bangle off, so uninterruptedly he could punish them through the instrument of bad karma of past lives. I remember definite instances of cases who almost could not wear the bangle as the arm rotted under it.

One person had to change the position of the bangle three or four times. He was cured of paralysis and some kind of fits. The bangle will also modify and lessen any wrong influence on business.

So there’s your answer, persist with the bangle, have faith in the gurus, as for sores and rashes, change the position of the bangle if you will but without it ever leaving the touch of your skin, meaning better do it yourself then have help in doing so.

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